CallDome features:



Impress your clients by playing a custom greeting or offer a new deal when they call you.



Add extensions as you like. Your employees can answer your company phone from anywhere.



Record all your calls for quality and training purpose. Unlimited storage included.



All your voicemails are magically transcribed and sent along with the audio to your email



Forward your call and extensions to any landline or cellular line.



No need to worry about online storage or bandwidth -- we take care of all the maintenance.

If your customers can’t reach you..
they can’t trust you..

It’s that simple! If you’ve ever lost a sale because you overslept an important phone call or you couldn’t come to the phone at the right moment, then you know the hard truth about building relationship with potential customers.



Don't user your cell phone to run your business

You might convince yourself that using a cell phone number makes you look more “approachable.” But case after case study, we see that people who don’t have a business phone line are losing money. So imagine how impressed the world would be if YOU got a legitimate, corporate-style phone system.

A PBX or IVR System That Doesn't Cost You An Arm Or Leg

Other companies charge you ridiculous prices for a system that not even close to this...

One-Time Fee



  • Add Up To 5 Lines
  • All Features Included
  • 24/7 customer support

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How Many Extentions Can I have?

Unlmited. We don't hold you back on the number of extentions. You can have as many extentions as your business needs.

Is the PBX System Rebotic Voice?

You can actually record your own voice and add it to the system and let that be the voice that greets people when they call.

Can I use the system to dial numbers?

Yes! You can dial out numbers or you can save contact on the system and just click on the phone icon to dial. It's very easy!

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